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What I’m doing now?

As of May 2014, I am currently working on Dream of You

Upcoming Releases for 2014/2015 as it currently stands:

Wicked (Book 1 in a New Adult Paranormal) releases in digital and print December 8th, 2014
The Return (Titan 1 NA Paranormal) releases in digital and print Feb. 16th, 2015
Fall With Me (book 4 in the WFY Series) releases in digital and print March 31st, 2015
Scorched (follow up to Frigid) releases in in digital and print June 15th 2015
1001 Dark Nights (book 4.5 in WFY series) releases in in digital and print June 23rd 2015
Every Last Breath (book 3 in TDE) releases in digital and print July 28th, 2015
Forever With You )book 5 in WFY series) releases in digital and print Fall 2015

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Swag Update:

Interested in bookmarks and postcards? Or other fun stuff?

Please send a Self Addressed envelope with correct postage for return (see below for details) to:

Jennifer L. Armentrout
PO Box 212
Lebanon, GA 30146


  • The envelope you are sending your SASE in must have enough postage on it to make it to me and not be underpaid, which requires me to cover that cost. If you do not have the outer envelope with enough postage, it will be returned to you. Please check with your post office and have them weigh the package if you are unsure.
  • If you want postcards, please keep in mind that postcards DO NOT fit into legal sized envelopes. They usually fit in the yellow kind or greeting card size envelope.
  • Postage must equal $2.00. I have a lot of bookmarks. All I know is that it cost that amount to send that many. Please send SASE with that amount. Anything under will not be filled b/c I’m pretty sure the Post Office guy hates me and my assistant for under paid postage at this point.
  • I am not responsible for lost mail
  • Swag will be sent out sporadically, so be patient. It may take a couple of days, it make take a month or longer.
  • If I run out of swag, requests will be held until more swag comes in and I will close it down until I’m restocked.
  • Please DO NOT email, tweet or facebook me for swag. Just send the SASE.. Any other request will not be responded to.
  • And of course, DO NOT send money in the mail. Get stamps on the envelope.


  • COVENANT SERIES- Aiden’s POV Chapter 16
  • COVENANT SERIES- Alex and Aiden Christmas Special
  • COVENANT SERIES- Chapter 1 of Half-Blood from Aiden’s POV
  • COVENANT SERIES- Deleted Alex and Aiden Scene from Pure
  • COVENANT SERIES- Extra Scene from Pure – YA Tourney
  • LUX SERIES – Cover Model Interview
  • LUX SERIES- Daemon’s POV Homecoming Dance
  • LUX SERIES- Laptop Scene from Daemon’s POV OBSIDIAN